Itachi vs. Mihawk


Itachi UchihaEdit


Sharingan-Fully fledged, able to percieve all incoming attacks

Mangekyou Sharingan- higher form of Sharingan, can use special techniques such as Susano'o and Amaterasu.

Dracule MihawkEdit



Mihawk has extremely keen eyes.  He was able to see Monkey D. Luffy running ,even though he was moving faster than most people can see, and intercept him.


He wields the black sword Yoru which is as long as his body but very thin.  It was stated to be the greatest sword in the world. He is fast enough with it to deflect bullets easily. Mihawk can also "throw" his cuts to do long range attacks. These attacks are powerful enough to cut through a large ship.  He is also capable of cutting steel  since he was able to cut Daz Bones, whose body is made of steel and shattered two of Roanoa Zoro's swords with one attack. When he is not taking opponents seriously, he uses a small knife hidden in the cross he wears. With it he was able to fight and almost defeat Zoro, who is a very skilled swordsman.


First ScenarioEdit

1. No restrictions

Second ScenarioEdit

2. Speed and power equalized

Third ScenarioEdit

4. Knowledge & Prep Time

Fourth Scenario Edit

5. No power or abilites

Fifth ScenarioEdit

5. Bloodlust


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